What is the future of Marketing in Social NetworksSMO 

What is the future of Marketing in Social Networks?

The future of social media marketing is constantly changing thanks to technological innovations and the evolution of the consumption habits of products and information by people. 

Although many people say that it is not good to think about the future and that it is better to worry about the present, the reality is that in various subjects it is good to ask what new developments will come in the future and how they can affect us.

What is the future of Marketing in Social Networks

But when talking about social networks we are referring to the important part … what are the changes and the implications that can be found within digital marketing and advertising, since they are areas in which generating money should always have improvements that produce more revenue for companies and get more users for the platforms.

Let’s start by commenting that we are in a time of sharing and selecting rather than creating. There are few people who stop to create articles and valuable information for others, so that is a good market to attack in the present and especially in the future of social networks. You have to create information so that users can share it and brands can be recognized more easily.

A very important aspect mentioned by Zuckerberg in a conference given in the past months is that the future of the internet and not only social networks are wearable technologies (wearables).

That is, garments or accessories that incorporate electronic elements, through which surely it will no longer be necessary to use a computer or a mobile device to navigate the web. Difficult to imagine? We’d better adapt to the idea.

And just as in 2014 we saw many social networks were born, it is likely that in some years (not so distant) we will see them die, why? Many of these small social networks begin to be very successful, which for the giants like Facebook is not very accepted and they decide to buy them by opting for one of the two paths: to unify and integrate the services or to continue operating under the same name but generating income for other owners.

As we can imagine, thinking about the future is very uncertain and it is like throwing words into the air, however, under the trends that many platforms have followed in recent years, it is how you can make predictions.

What is certain is that Facebook will continue to collect users and huge amounts of money thanks to its available marketing options and which will surely improve every day. Betting on a marketing strategy that includes Facebook is increasingly a guarantee that the campaign will be successful.

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