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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Websites

WordPress websites are the most popular used online with around 17% of all new websites developed in this framework. The amazing flexibility and optionality makes WordPress the best to use for most website types except e-commerce in which it is still limited in functionality.

As an owner of several affiliate websites I have come to understand the full necessity of certain functions. Without both WordPress and certain plugins my websites would not work as effective as they do now.  The following plugins for WordPress are in my experienced opinion excellent for an Affiliate Marketer.

Wordpress Plugins for Affiliate Websites

  1. Simple URLs

As web users are becoming savvier on how the Internet works, they are now more skeptical than ever about where they click on websites. Whilst several years ago having a link with the full address being shown on your site was not a problem, now users are avoiding strange looking URLs.

This plugin allows for Affiliate Marketers to create ‘friendly’ URLs and have them redirected to the exact affiliate link you want. This also allows you to track the exact clicks and change the links as and when you please.

  1. Advanced Custom Fields

In order to create posts that can be used for Affiliate feeds then this plugin extends the complete functionality of WordPress. By having custom fields in all posts this allows you to have unique posts based on these fields? With this plugin Affiliates can have posts/products and have all differentiating data about the product stored in separate fields, which can then be used for post layout.  This plugin truly takes an affiliate website to the next level as the options are endless and truly recommended.

  1. CSV to WP

Another excellent plugin that probably saves most time for my website Ticket Yoda, I am able to upload 1000 new events within minutes from affiliate feeds I download. This plugin also works well with Advanced Custom Fields and can upload complete data for all events without delay. This plugin works by uploading a CSV file in which each separate row is classed as a new individual post.  Other excellent options are that you can set the format of all posts including exact SEO information such as title tag and meta-description.

  1. CSV 2 DB

This plugin allows data from CSV files to be uploaded and inserted into the database table you select. With this I am able to upload 5000 different prices related to events within seconds. This plugin allows the storage of any information you require to pull from the database and show on the website. A simple plugin but one which allows webmasters to upload large quantities of information to a database quickly.

  1.  All in one SEO

In order to gain traffic and revenue probably the most important method is gaining high rankings on search engines. As WordPress is not initially set up for SEO purposes a plugin is needed and this works perfectly for my sites.  All title tags can be optimized based on certain fields and keywords and meta- descriptions added to each and every post.

My website Ticket Yoda, for example, contains over 2000 unique pages and a major influence of this is that each title and meta-description is unique. The plugin also allows for default SEO titles for category pages, therefore making all areas of the website completely unique.

Whilst the above plugins can be used for websites not necessarily affiliate sites they work perfectly well for this purpose. All plugins can be found by searching the WordPress plugin directory and installed within minutes. I would love to know your thoughts and if you are able to advise on other plugins that can help affiliates gain traffic and sales then please let us know.

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