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Tools Needed to Make Serious Digital Marketing

All companies need to have the ability to focus on specific goals, to bring benefits to the entire organization.

To the surprise of much, at present, there are still a large number of companies that do not use their strategies correctly and, as a consequence, the tools they have to develop their digital marketing plan.

Serious Digital Marketing

However, in the right hands, these tools can be the starting point to enhance the results of your brands.

Not only can you improve the way you implement your strategies; You will also have a lot of metrics that will help you correct the path you have taken.

Now you can see what this article is about.

Exactly, we will analyze the different tools that will allow you to save efforts throughout your digital marketing process.

Your best allies

If we talk about market opportunities, now the software to build landing pages occupy a special place in platforms to digitize your strategies.

Why? Simple, the development of landing pages has become (very) important for any online business.

Likewise, many businesses need the ability to create high-performance landings without running a process that consumes a large amount of time in the creative process.

This need for speed and quality has raised the market for landings builders to a net total of $ 500 million USD in the last two years.

The clients, now, demand to be able to elaborate their pages of fast way and with a minimum effort; clear, without leaving aside the quality of the site.

Unfortunately, most tools give more weight to speed than construction quality, turning their platforms into mediocre efforts that do not meet the needs of their customers.

And, of course, this is reflected in the quantity and quality of traffic that circulates through the website.

Fortunately for many, this is what makes UnDelays one of the best tools for quality and speed in a single tool.

The software combines a great speed with an intuitive interface that you can customize to exceed your goals.

An element that is worth emphasizing is its infrastructure, which allows delivering personalized and unique materials that are easily adapted to the different supports in the market. (laptop, tablet, cell phones, etc.).

All this translates into software that understands the needs of your business, so you do not have to sacrifice the quality of your materials and have a tool that automatically optimizes each type of view.


Sure you’ve gone, start structuring your content strategy in social networks and, at the time of execution, you lose all your time in the process.

The good news is that you do not have to suffer anymore.

Maybe you do not believe that a tool that can save so much time in your social media campaigns and not lose your quality in the process.

Why so much love to this product? The truth is that there are many reasons, but we detail the most important ones:

  • Share your content at the speed of light
  • It has an intuitive and organic interface
  • High level of customization
  • Only $ 10 USD per month to deploy throughout your company
  • But, what he did not fall in love with, was his extraordinary quality of customer service

Undoubtedly, if what you are looking for is a tool that facilitates the way in which you cure your content and facilitate the way you schedule your publications, Buffer may be your best option.

The secret behind Buffer’s success is that it can automatically combine the curation of new content with the core calendar of your strategy.

Also, once you share a post, you can visualize its behavior and reschedule to generate a similar conversation.


We know, one of the main challenges in any organization is the efficiency of communication.

Slack understands this well, the final goal of any communication tool should be to centralize the channels, to avoid the multiplicity of communication routes.

In addition to incorporating various spaces to review the status of your teams.

Slack gives you tools to manage your work groups and, at the same time, allows a categorization of the level of importance of the conversations; from the people with whom you only need to be in contact, to your frequent contacts.

A great feature is that it allows you to work and transfer documents with a considerable weight, to avoid double turns with your files.

Slack’s case is extremely interesting because he follows the philosophy of “less is more” to the letter.

Simplify and centralize your communication, allowing you to receive only the notifications you need to answer.

One of the most important features of the platform is its diversity of internal channels.

I explain this tool allows you to segment workgroups to the people that are part of your organization or, on the contrary, the work groups that you generate with your clients.

In the years that it has been in the market, Slack has become the favorite for networking companies and to influence marketing due to the simplicity of its interface.

If you still have doubts, I tell you that if what you want is the perfect tool for team communication, this is your best option.


Do not you love it when you enter a website and the cover letter is an animated video that highlights the offers of the site?

The first impression is essential to attract converting your visitors into leads with the potential to become customers.

Not long ago if you wanted to develop audiovisual content for your business, you had to have a considerable budget to invest in a production company. I agree the quality is not being questioned, but the cost-benefit concept.

Thanks to the technological development and a large amount of software on the market, you can now produce animated videos without spending a fortune in the process.

PowToon allows you to do it for only $ 19 USD per month. Incredible, is not it?

This software allows you to generate popular material minutes.

You can create your videos from scratch or modify their wide variety of templates, to go even faster.

Another use that you can make of the tool is to build infographics, without needing great design skills.

The software interface is identical to a basic image editor or could even be considered simpler.

You just have to point, choose, drag, drop, expand, move, etc.

Many companies still do not dare to incorporate digital content in their campaigns due to the high costs or the time that it has to invest in its preparation.

The reality could not be further away, now you can do it easily and without large investments.


Yes, we have reached that point in history where Facebook ads are so important that they have developed a multimillion-dollar business of agencies, software companies, and specialises in the field.

Basically, we can now find complementary services for any PPC (pay per click), on Facebook.

AdEspresso is a solution to run full campaigns (yes, from start to finish) of ads in Google.

Unlike PPC strategies, there are really no big barriers when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Actually, the software makes it extremely simple; you just have to enter the platform and that’s it; Organically you can start your campaigns with a budget from $ 10 to $ 1000 USD.

The most complicated thing when migrating to this platform is the period of transition to highly effective campaigns.

Soon you will begin to see how the ROI of your campaigns increases and reaches its ideal range.

In this way you get a low-cost solution to help you:

  • Create and track campaigns
  • Get detailed metrics to help your goals
  • Synchronize your campaigns and your content


Let’s leave the ad topic behind and move on to the best way to build your audience.

All companies know how difficult it is to build a fan base; the vast majority of the time it’s a slow process … Really slow.

The best strategy is to be consistent in your content and average of your publications.

Cortex gives you the possibility to accelerate the process through intelligent analysis that optimizes your content and the way you deliver it to your followers.

It should be noted that this tool will be of little use if you are not generating new content.

However, if you are a regular content creator for your blogs and social media platforms, then you have a great tool at your disposal.

Cortex will maximize the value of your materials through a strategy of building audiences on social networks.

Your software meets two primary objectives:

  1. Increase engagement: platform customers can generally see an increase of 50 to 400%, in the first two months of its implementation.
  2. Save time: On average you can save 10 hours per week in the time you spend implementing your social media strategy.

In short, if you are already investing time and money in your social media strategy; It’s worth considering Cortex as an option to optimize your results while saving time.

Google Analytics

Are you really not using it? Actually, including Google Analytics in your digital marketing strategy is not only a must but a starting point.

So, if you still do not have him, do not stop reading because you’re missing a lot.

Google Analytics will help you with an incredible amount of information about the interactions on your website and business.

No kidding, every marketing professional should use it as a complementary part to enhance their results.

So you can see the potential of your software, its most basic functions include:

  • Age, gender and geographical location of your interactions.
  • Time spent on your site, number of pages visited and frequency of return
  • Source of traffic on your site and statistics of user behavior by source
  • Organic keywords used to find your site
  • Views, user and behavior on each page of your site


In the digital world, there is a great variety of strategy, approaches, and philosophies, to improve the results of your company.

One of the most important in recent years is the philosophy of Inbound Marketing; This digital marketing strategy represents a paradigm shift in the way in which information is used and provided to key audiences.

Marketing professionals who use Inbound digital strategies use quality and relevant content to attract prospects to their websites, focused on helping interested people.

As you can see, the Inbound is a complete methodology that uses digital marketing to attract, convert, close and delight all your consumers; With this, you can generate beneficial relationships for both sides.

Through HubSpot, you can start to release all your Inbound power and start implementing a digital strategy that will really bring benefits to your company.

Inbound marketing tactics:

  • Buyer Person
  • Content strategy
  • Generation of leads
  • Attraction of traffic
  • Lead Score
  • Lead nurturing
  • Personalized marketing

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