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Tips to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency to give more visibility to your company can be a very complex task since within the sector there are thousands of them. While it is true that the digital sector is full of agencies that provide the marketing service, no less true is that very few are the ones that are truly capable of helping your company achieve its objectives.

Best Digital Marketing Agency

We could say that for every ten existing agencies only one is really trained.

Working with a digital marketing agency is no small matter if we consider the importance that networks and social media take each day, so forming a good image and reputation within the web should be a fundamental issue for your company.

The services of an agency are important and in fact, there are 3 that are basic: alignment of marketing and sales, implementation of a CRM and training for your sales team. 

However, you should also look at other elements that will make you trust the agency you want to hire. 

In general, a company in addition to maintaining an impeccable image and that generates confidence in its consumers must PREACH WITH THE EXAMPLE.

How can you trust a marketing agency that does not meet the requirements you seek for your company?

If you say you have the knowledge to be able to implement digital marketing then you must do it in your own brand.

Do not get complicated, it’s just a matter of observing a little in your actions so keep reading and know the basic points you have to find in a marketing agency: 

What to look for when hiring an agency:

It has a professional website:

If an online marketing agency does NOT have an optimized website, it is because it does not know the fundamental role it plays within a strategy and if it does not know such an important point then it will not be able to do anything to give visibility to your company.

Currently, there are many sites that for various reasons have a sign with the legend of “Coming soon” or “Under construction” but for a marketing agency this ultimately cannot be allowed.

Check that your website is responsive, has a clean design and that the loading speed is less than 3 seconds.

If not, you are facing an agency that will not be able to create an ideal site for your brand. 

All your resources should always be optimal. 

Generate content to position yourself:

One of the main functions of digital marketing is the organic positioning, that is, the positioning through the generation of content in which the keywords stand out and also show knowledge of their sector.

How can you check this point?

Very simple, check if your website has a blog and if you have it, the content should interest your visitors.

If you manage to identify yourself with this point, it is because your content is correctly directed and in the same way it can help you identify the target of your company and create contents that take your brand to the first places of the search engines.

Here it is very important that you identify the type of positioning that the site has.

There is a big difference between SEO and SEM, in the first case, the site appears in the first places for the quality of its contents; in the second for the payment, they make through PPC to the search engine. 

Its content provides educational value:

After reading your articles did you stay with a teaching?

Can you recognize the knowledge that the agency has within the sector?

If so, congratulations!

You have found a marketing agency that will give your company great impetus because it is not only the generation of content but to bring real value to all your visits.

This point is one of the most important.

Content generation is not just about creating beautiful ads or creative copies.

An effective digital marketing strategy should focus on the contribution of valuable content to the audience. 

That is why if you identify this point you will notice that it is a specialized agency that investigates and keeps abreast of its consumers.

If this is not the case, it is best to continue with the search to find an agency that offers you the best. 

Post STRATEGICALLY on social networks:

A specialized social network is where the potential clients meet and where they share the content with educational value that they have generated in their blog.

In addition, a real agency recognizes the importance of not publishing constantly but to optimize each of the post to get the most out of it and to get your company to more people. 

Know how to generate leads:

A trained digital marketing agency has the knowledge to create strategies with which your content can generate more leads, also increasing the number of prospects.

If your agency can not help you generate leads, then you can not do anything to grow your business.The best thing is that these points are analyzed before making the final decision.

Remember that knowledge is evident in the image created based on the strategies and efforts of the agency made in each of their social media. 

An example:

  • How did you get to them?
  • Through their social networks?
  • Through Google?
  • Did someone recommend you?

You are a prospect for them, so analyze how you found out about the existence of the agency.

If they have treated you well, they have guided you to make the best decision without pressing you to hire them, you are in good hands.

The best agencies worry about solving problems before charging. 

Create leaders within the company:

For a marketing agency to work, it must have leaders in each of the areas.

That is, even if the CEO is capable of handling all the information, it will be impossible for the execution of all tasks to be carried out by him.

So trust in an agency that has its work properly distributed.

You must have leaders in each department that have the necessary experience in your area to provide specialized solutions. 


How many cases of hacking accounts have been known?

No company wants to be a target of hackers so it is important that your agency gives you the assurance that your information will be protected.

At Media Source we know what we are talking about and without any commitment we want to advise you to meet your marketing objectives.

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