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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

As a consultancy firm from Amsterdam we work a lot for companies in the Netherlands Especially SMEs and SMEs often have a website and usually not the time and money to hire one or more specialists. For these companies, a specialized agency from the neighborhood can offer a solution. It is nice to meet each other once in a while and discuss the improvement possibilities of the website together.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

It is also easier to assist your own web design agency in improving and building your website. Not only is it close to, often multiple customers can also be helped. This improves cooperation and tips and tricks can be implemented at multiple customers. Especially if the website builder uses his own CMS this saves time and money!

We do NOT explicitly build websites. We do this with our partners. View our partners or contact Slik Webdesign Rotterdam. We help you formulate your marketing objectives online, ensure that this can be measured and start working with you and your website builder to get higher in google and thereby sell more. So you stay with your own website builder, often we also improve the website at the back. This means that you do not have to build a new website. We also use Google Adwords. This means that you do not have to change anything about your website and you will get more visitors. Because we measure the results, we can substantiate with figures where the improvement points for your website are.

If you do search engine marketing and search engine optimization, it is good to have a targeted strategy. For many customers, it is a better strategy to target specific locations instead of the whole of the Netherlands. Many end customers continue to enjoy doing “local” business. Or at least in the neighborhood. Plumbers usually focus on the city where they are located. Others may be able to cover a larger area. Such as a supplier of safety products. It is always wise to know how big a place is.

Below the list based on Wikipedia how many inhabitants have different municipalities. You can use this in the targeting of search engine optimization and search engine marketing (Adwords)

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