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Jobs With a Graphic Design Degree

There are a lot of great jobs out there but they often require a college degree. That being said a college degree can be difficult to decide on. Doing some research beforehand can help you down the road. Just what jobs are available for a specific degree? We have looked at degrees like photojournalism, physics, and history; now let’s look at the very popular field of graphic design.

Graphic Design Degree

If you are the creative type that likes to draw and design things then this field could easily be for you. Graphic design uses both images and typographic elements to deliver a message. Granted this is most often done in the form of an advertisement or brochure but there are other applications. Designers may work with drawn, painted, photographic or computer elements. Typical examples are billboards, logos and banner ads. Here are some specific jobs.

Technical Illustration

A technical illustrator can find jobs in any number of media-related fields. You might create storyboards, 3D images or animation. Basically, you work with digital rendering and formatting. This can be freelance which is nice because it lets you set your own schedule and pick projects or it can be for a company which will provide consistent work with benefits. Video game production, animation, film, commercial production, and television can all make use of technical illustrations.

illustration design

The majority of companies out there employee some sort of logo so they are easily recognized. The NFL shield, McDonald’s arch, and Apple’s apple, are all examples of famous logo’s. Somebody has to come up with them. Logos include graphics and typographical elements while employing distinct colors. Logos also serve as branding tools for a company. Logos are often designed in line with the company’s message and marketing strategy. This can often include variations of the final design to accommodate different media needs.

Logo Designer

The web has opened up all sorts of possibilities for graphic designers. To fully live up to its potential a website needs to be optimally designed for functionality as well as be aesthetically pleasing. A graphic designer has an advantage because the can create their own elements and not have to hire an outsider to do so. That being said, web design will require you to learn web design programs such as Dreamweaver or WordPress. You can go freelance or you can work for a company that specializes in web design.

web designer

Overall graphic design can be a really fun and creative career for those with a good eye for it. Check with an accredited online university for available classes.

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