Emojis for Facebook Complete Guide to Use in Your NetworksSMO 

Emojis for Facebook: Complete Guide to Use in Your Networks

It is no surprise, it is well known that the world is constantly evolving; In the same way, communication is transformed day by day.

This implies a great challenge for marketing professionals: adapt to the trend of their audiences.

Emojis for Facebook Complete Guide to Use in Your Networks

Thus, as our clients evolve, it is important to adapt our strategies, to connect with them in the best way and through the language they prefer to use.

Benefits of using emojis for your business on Facebook

1. Humanize your business

There is no doubt that through the use of emoticons or emojis you can bring a human face to your business.

The reason is simple, many people prefer to buy people, than with businesses that are only interested in an act of sale.

Thus, emojis can help you build a relationship of trust with your prospects and clients.

Starting to use emojis as part of your communication will help your shoppers lower their guard and be more willing to interact with your brand.

2. Generate more engagement

According to a study by Small Business Trends using emojis strategically is one of the main keys to increase the conversion rate of your posts in social networks.

The reason? Users feel more comfortable and more confident, to click and comment on publications that adapt to their way of communicating.

As part of your emoji strategy, it is important that you only use those that reflect the internal voice of your company.

3. Social networks should be fun!

Do not forget!

All social networks have the characteristic of entertaining while presenting valuable information.

It does not matter if your business is traditional or if you feel that your products do not adapt to this.

Because, let’s be honest, there is no worse industry than boredom.

Highlight the characteristics of your brand, connect with your customers and do not miss the opportunity to generate a relaxed atmosphere to execute your marketing strategies.

4. Express what you can not with words

Many times we want to express ourselves and we do not find a way to say things.

Has it happened to you?

A good way to solve this problem is to use emojis, to communicate your ideas or feelings.

Eye: This does not mean that you can substitute all the words.

The idea is that you use them to reinforce a message, not to replace it.

5. Understand your brand and express yourself

Of course, the turn of your company will help you define what kind of emojis you can use, to connect with your audience.

For example, if you are a graphic design agency, you can use a greater variety of emojis to generate conversation.

However, if your company is a legal firm you must locate which emojis are adapted to what your audience wants to know about you.

6. Start by doing an A / B test

In general, if you use social networks, then you are already on the path of connecting with specific audiences.

For example, if you are focused on young audiences, you will have to adapt to their language and forms of expression.

To generate your A / B test you can do the following: Generate two similar post , one with emojis and the other without them.

Compare the results of interactions, comments, likes, etc.

This way you can notice the way in which the use of emojis helps to increase your impact in social networks. Do not hesitate and do the test.

7. Do not encrypt your messages

Okay, I know we’ve talked about the use of emojis so far, but it’s also important to note that you can not communicate everything through them. Why? Simple, maybe nobody will understand what you mean.

In other words, you should weigh the understanding of the message about how it is communicated.

If you use too much emojis you can get to confuse your audience and make the message indecipherable.

Remember that emojis work to enhance your communication, but not to replace words.

8. Become interactive

Now that you can recognize the importance of using the same language as your audience, it’s time to know that you can also have fun with your emoji strategy for Facebook.

Forget about the old habits and formalism that locked business, new customers every day want to make sure they interact with companies interested in their tastes and worried about their customers.

Show your clients that, beyond an act of purchase, you are interested in generating an effective communication channel with them.

What other graphic elements can I use?

Your content on Facebook can not only benefit from the use of emojis, in the world of social networks there are different graphic elements that will help you highlight, specialize or communicate a special message.

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