Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Social Media 

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

As a consultancy firm from Amsterdam we work a lot for companies in the Netherlands Especially SMEs and SMEs often have a website and usually not the time and money to hire one or more specialists. For these companies, a specialized agency from the neighborhood can offer a solution. It is nice to meet each other once in a while and discuss the improvement possibilities of the website together. It is also easier to assist your own web design agency in improving and building your website. Not only is it close to, often…

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Social Networks as a Business Marketing Strategy Social Media 

Social Networks as a Business Marketing Strategy

Communication schemes evolve as new technologies, and new channels emerge to improve the previous ones and provide the message with greater scope and transmission possibilities. One of the most used new channels and that offer us more possibilities for interpersonal communication are social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.), since its scope, through a single message, it is multitudinous. They not only constitute a form of expression and means of relationship with friends, family and acquaintances, but a very effective marketing tool that allows the direct relationship with clients and the…

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Social Media A Bliss For Your Business Social Media 

Social Media: A Bliss For Your Business

Social media not just provides you with a platform to share your thoughts and contents with millions of followers but is also beneficial for promoting brands for business. Many of the business have been trying to discover how can social media contribute to the company’s growth and account for huge sales and profit. In this post, we will go over ten benefits that a social media platform can provide: Targets audience: What if you want to send a message to a particular set of people? How will you do it on the…

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social media marketing Social Media 

Renew or Die: What New Features Incorporate the Most Important Social Networks?

Social networks adapt to new times and the demands of users by incorporating new features and improvements that facilitate their use and impact. In Netvoluciona we have compiled the most important ones: The last of these novelties appear from the hand of Facebook, which has implemented support for GIFs, so that it is already possible to publish animations in this format and to display them correctly. The social network of Mark Zuckerberg has surrendered to this new trend that causes a rage among publications. At the moment, Facebook does not yet accept that users…

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Successful Digital Strategy Social Media 

5 Laws Of Successful Digital Strategy

Business can go two ways: up and down. Stagnating is not an option nowadays. Therefore, having a digital strategy and planning your moves means keeping your business alive. It is impossible to have a business today without the online presence and it is impossible to keep it working without a clear strategy. Here are the key things you need to take into consideration when making your digital strategy. Identifying and Analyzing Your Target Audience It is essential that you have a precise idea about who is your model user. You need…

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Video as a Potential Online Marketing Tool Social Media 

Video as a Potential Online Marketing Tool

Video is becoming the main dissemination tool in social networks. Little by little, all these platforms are incorporating video as the most dynamic and effective alternative to relate and launch our messages in a more attractive way. Nothing better than a memory and a moment “alive” to attract attention. Interlaced image, text, sound and movement form a whole and create an impact that far exceeds each of the elements separately. So Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook opt for this technology to promote communication among its users. We can share live and delayed videos and even…

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