Emojis for Facebook Complete Guide to Use in Your Networks SMO 

Emojis for Facebook: Complete Guide to Use in Your Networks

It is no surprise, it is well known that the world is constantly evolving; In the same way, communication is transformed day by day. This implies a great challenge for marketing professionals: adapt to the trend of their audiences. Thus, as our clients evolve, it is important to adapt our strategies, to connect with them in the best way and through the language they prefer to use. Benefits of using emojis for your business on Facebook 1. Humanize your business There is no doubt that through the use of emoticons or…

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Real Estate Marketing SMO 

Real Estate Marketing Adapted to Inbound

Differences between real estate marketing and real estate sales  First of all, I would like to explain the difference between “real estate marketing” and “real estate sales” since often these two concepts become confused.  Let’s see then what is the difference. Marketing is related to all the activities that a real estate agent carries out to get and connect with their potential customers. The real estate sale are all those actions that a real estate agent implements to convert those potential contacts into clients and thus close the sale of a…

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Best Digital Marketing Agency SMO 

Tips to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency to give more visibility to your company can be a very complex task since within the sector there are thousands of them. While it is true that the digital sector is full of agencies that provide the marketing service, no less true is that very few are the ones that are truly capable of helping your company achieve its objectives. We could say that for every ten existing agencies only one is really trained. Working with a digital marketing agency is no small matter if we consider the importance that networks and…

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Serious Digital Marketing SMO 

Tools Needed to Make Serious Digital Marketing

All companies need to have the ability to focus on specific goals, to bring benefits to the entire organization. To the surprise of much, at present, there are still a large number of companies that do not use their strategies correctly and, as a consequence, the tools they have to develop their digital marketing plan. However, in the right hands, these tools can be the starting point to enhance the results of your brands. Not only can you improve the way you implement your strategies; You will also have a lot…

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What is the future of Marketing in Social Networks SMO 

What is the future of Marketing in Social Networks?

The future of social media marketing is constantly changing thanks to technological innovations and the evolution of the consumption habits of products and information by people.  Although many people say that it is not good to think about the future and that it is better to worry about the present, the reality is that in various subjects it is good to ask what new developments will come in the future and how they can affect us. But when talking about social networks we are referring to the important part … what are…

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Marketing Strategy for the Education Sector SMO 

Marketing Strategy for the Education Sector

What is the education sector looking for? How a digital marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals? It is clear that the main objective for schools and educational centers is to offer the best education, through various curricula that form integral citizens capable of creating a more critical and better-prepared society. No matter the school grade, what is really valuable is that the education sector is able to provide real value to society, transmitting knowledge and good actions to their students. But of course this is not possible without students, that is why…

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