Is Natural Light Photography Better Than Flash Photography Creativity 

Is Natural Light Photography Better Than Flash Photography?

Photography is all about capturing subjects in a certain light.  That light will help to evoke an emotion in order to tell a story.  In Greek, photography means ‘painting with light’ so it is very important to understand the role that it plays in your picture taking.  There are many photographers out there who are very strongly opinionated as to whether natural light photography or flash photography is better.  There are definitely pros and cons to both techniques, and I have the answer on which will yield the best photos!  Before…

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Wordpress Plugins for Affiliate Websites Creativity 

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Websites

WordPress websites are the most popular used online with around 17% of all new websites developed in this framework. The amazing flexibility and optionality makes WordPress the best to use for most website types except e-commerce in which it is still limited in functionality. As an owner of several affiliate websites I have come to understand the full necessity of certain functions. Without both WordPress and certain plugins my websites would not work as effective as they do now.  The following plugins for WordPress are in my experienced opinion excellent…

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Maximize Your Business’ Online Presence and Notice the Difference Creativity 

Maximize Your Business’ Online Presence and Notice the Difference

Any business with an online presence should know the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. Without SEO, your website will not generate enough visitors to keep online sales flowing. SEO will make your website more visible to internet traffic by elevating your site on the search results page. The higher up on the search results it is, the more legitimate your page will look, and the better the chances of random web surfers clicking on your link. If you are unsure about how SEO works, there are online agencies…

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Graphic Design Degree Creativity 

Jobs With a Graphic Design Degree

There are a lot of great jobs out there but they often require a college degree. That being said a college degree can be difficult to decide on. Doing some research beforehand can help you down the road. Just what jobs are available for a specific degree? We have looked at degrees like photojournalism, physics, and history; now let’s look at the very popular field of graphic design. If you are the creative type that likes to draw and design things then this field could easily be for you. Graphic…

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History of the Camera Creativity 

A Brief the History of the Camera

Many people believe the camera began with those bulky entities resting on a tripod with a photographer huddled under a black curtain. This isn’t the case at all. It all started before anyone even managed to create a working camera. The principle of photography first arose in the 5th century BC when Mo Ti, a Chinese philosopher, discovered how a pinhole could create a focused, inverted image. Of course, he couldn’t take any pictures, but through the centuries, figures like Aristotle and Roger Bacon spoke of this phenomenon and attempted…

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