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6 Tips for the Best WordPress Website

You have made the decision and have come to the conclusion that there really needs to be a new WordPress website. Or that your current site needs to be upgraded to a better version. But then … you’re googling on ‘WordPress web designer’ or ‘internet agency’ and you come across thousands of results. How do you choose the best now? Of course, everyone says that he is very good. Before you contact us, there are a number of possibilities that make a selection easier. These are simple things, but if you have this clear you can ask for a specific approach.

Best WordPress Website

  • If you are looking for a local web designer, add your city name to your search. This is not a guarantee of success, but compare the contact details on the website with your place of residence and you can check this off.
  • Are you looking for a beautiful design or a functional design that earns you money? View the portfolio of the company and choose what you prefer.
  • Are you specifically looking for a web designer who works with WordPress? Add this to your search.

If you implement the above, check out the websites of a number of website builders. Click through the websites, view the portfolio and test a number of websites from the portfolio via, for example, GT A web designer who has a slow website himself will not worry about the speed of your website is my idea. And you’re going for the best?

Also, check out the reviews that have been given. Of course, this is not always entirely objective, but you can build up a reasonable picture of how customers think about this internet agency.

I myself get many customers who are specifically looking for WordPress web design and not for example Joomla. My idea behind this is that a company can usually only be very good in one system and as soon as several systems come into play, everything will become a bit. This does not necessarily have to be the case, but experience shows that it is often the case.

You have now made your first selection. What now? In this blog, you will find 10 tips on questions that you can ask your web designer. The beauty of this method is that you do not even have to make an appointment, you can also e-mail these questions after a telephone introduction. So this method also saves you time and eventually you achieve the best result.

An important point that I attach great importance to is the click with the customer. If, as a web designer, I already have a feeling that we do not fit together after the introduction, I will also indicate this immediately. The experience has unfortunately taught that, despite the best of intentions from both sides, it will never be the perfect collaboration that is needed for the very best website. Be sure to include this in your choice is my advice.

But how do you decide what is the best web builder for you? I would like to help you on your way with a number of questions that you can ask for which the choice for you will probably be easier.


I regularly receive questions from people through my website of people who have problems with the current internet agency where they have had the website built. Why? There has been disagreement at some point and the customer wants to leave, but the internet agency does not want to cooperate for a variety of reasons. I am not going to give any further judgment on this, it is simple for me, if a customer has paid and he/she wants to leave then I work 100% on it. I can not think of any reason why I would not do this.

It thus appears from practice that it is really important to know who gets the rights to the website after the delivery. And not only on the website itself but also on all content. Because what do you have on a website without content? It is known to me that you can leave parties like KPN Website coach and DTG  after the end of your contract period, but that all content remains in their possession. Then you have invested hundreds or maybe thousands of euros in …? Right, nothing!


Now you are probably going to laugh. For you it makes sense that a new WordPress website is automatically responsive. Believe me, there are really parties that still produce websites that are simply not responsive or are made responsive as a WP-Touch by means of a WordPress plugin. This is really very undesirable, mobile is becoming increasingly important. Do you have an idea of the number of visitors to your website who come to your website via tablet or mobile phone? Convenient to have a look in Google Analytics if you are not aware of this.

Even then, if a large part of the website visits your website, Google has announced from 2018 (unknown when exactly), the mobile website will be leading for the indexation of your website. An extra reason to ask how the responsive version of your new website is.


Building a website in WordPress is not higher mathematics per se. If you do not take into account Call To Actions, responsiveness, loading speed or conversion,  it is for almost everyone. And then it may also look reasonable. Here you really see the difference between a professional web builder and a hobbyist who thinks he can help a few hundred euros. A very simple tip to check if your website is findable is to type in google from site: Here you can see if your website is indexed.

Ask especially. Who writes the texts for your website, how is it determined what good search terms to write about, what is done with the tools of Google like Google My Business and Google Search Console? These are really basic tools with which your website must be linked in order to be found at all. And yes, I really come across a lot of websites that are not linked to this.


When I develop a website I always put down a framework first, after which the customer also has access to it. This prevents disappointments and wrong expectations from both sides and you work with your web builder to the very best website. I would find it very annoying if I build a website for you and when it is ready I will present it to you. Then you think, this is not at all what I had in mind! So, in my opinion, it is better to be able to give feedback on the design and layout during the development, this prevents delays and unnecessary development time.

Does this then have any disadvantages? Certainly. Sometimes I get feedback on things that are not ready, that is not always fun. But still I am convinced that this is the best way to develop the very best website. So ask yourself if you can take part or provide feedback at agreed times. Avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary additional work. My way is probably not the best, but here are several variations to think of.


The development process of a website can be pretty intensive. In the direction of delivery, I contact my customers almost daily and together we take care of the dots on the i. Sometimes it is suddenly strange after the website has gone live. But I can tell you that from experience 😉 But what will happen next? This is of course partly dependent on the choices you have made and discussed in advance.

What I almost always do is make a number of short films from the customer’s website for the most basic changes such as editing the texts. I also explain the possible addition of new pages and all related issues. Depending on whether the customer chooses website maintenance by Lamper Design, I will briefly explain the updating of WordPress and plugins. A customer can also choose to keep monitoring the SEO at a monthly rate and to adjust the website accordingly.

Various options so it is useful to have a clear quote before you agree. Also ask about this, what happens at what rate and what are the consequences if you do not want this all.

Make sure it is clear what happens to the website when it is delivered. Who will do what at what rate?


Hosting is an essential part of an optimized website. I host all my customers as you may know at Managed hosting. Why? They offer quality and are specialized in WordPress hosting. I can not only contact them for hosting but they also actively support WordPress-related problems. Is it not at all possible to host via your current hosting? Yes, but there is an additional price for this. It costs me more work to ensure that the website can run here and often it is also looking for how everything works.

If you are required to host the web builder, that is strange in itself. As described above, it is not mandatory but I recommend it, but the choice ultimately lies with you as a customer.

Make sure you have clear where your website is hosted and what the costs are for this.


If you have an answer to the above questions, you can make a much better choice in my opinion whether a web design agency is suitable for creating your website or not. Can you then no longer run into anything or is it 100% successful? No, unfortunately, it is not that simple. But it does give you handles.

Too often I hear from customers or relations that they were approached very quickly by a very nice account manager who had an answer to everything and actually saw no problems in what the customer wanted. Can I give you a tip? Account managers are trained on this. The moment you sign your signature, you are stuck with it and the account manager is no longer your contact, it has to go to the next victim. You get or contact with an intern or with the office manager, direct contact with the person working on your website is often not possible. And yes, I charge, but unfortunately, this is the experience of many of my customers.

I do not want to scare you with this blog or to sketch the image that no web designer can be trusted. I only want to protect you from a lot of trouble. And if you still choose the party where the chat was not quite right but the price was so favorable? Then I wish you all the best.

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